Everclens Flush Kit

Everclens Flush Kit

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Wiseman CLENS-KIT Everclens Kit Tankless Water Heater Descaling Kit

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Everclens Flush Kit by Wiseman

Wisemans Everclens Kit Tankless Water Heater Descaling Kit (CLENS-KIT) is designed to be used with tankless water heater 3/4" hot and cold drain connections in order to clean and flush out your system with the provided 1/4 hp pump. The Everclens kit does not contain harmful mineral acids and its unique organic formulation is fast acting, non- hazardous, non-toxic and operator safe. EVERCLENS; is harmless to septic tanks and is environmentally friendly.Kit Includes:• 4.5 gallon bucket with hinged lid• 1/4 HP pump with 3/4" hose adapter• (2) 6 ft. hoses• Everclens tankless water heater descaler

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