EWS SS-2.5 Essential Single-Stage Water Filtration Unit

EWS SS-2.5 Essential Single-Stage Water Filtration Unit

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Unparalleled product quality and longevity. Award-winning customer service and expertise. Over 98% customer satisfaction. Top-performing, USA-made filtration is all we do.

The ESSENTIAL Single Stage can be installed at a wet bar, icemaker, or other limited-use applications. In only 10 minutes you will have delicious, better-than-bottled quality.

At A Glance

  • Single stage, high grade carbon block filtration.
  • No storage tank or water waste.
  • Removes and reduces chlorine, chloramine, lead, cysts, THMs, VOCs, PFAS, pharmaceutical residues, dyes, fuels, and more.
  • Enjoy the convenience and health of filtered water.
  • City water or well water*.

Features & Benefits

  • No more wasting money on frequent filter replacements every 1-6 months.
  • No more wasting money on bottled water.
  • No more drinking bad taste and odor water with chlorine, chloramine, lead and all the man-made pollutants.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Hassle-free filter replacement up to once a year (rated for 1500 gallon capacity) based on your usage and water condition. Do not exceed one year.

*WELL WATER WARNING Well water is required to have independent, complete and proper testing of your well water to determine the proper course of action in order to specify the correct system(s).

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